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The brand name of Secrecy means "mystery".


In the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa's birth, which she respects in 2010, GRACIEUX opened a charity gallery with the cooperation of Mr. Oki, who has been shooting mothers with the desire to "help ourselves." I was able to hold it. This charity led me to meet the people of Bangladesh and led me to the Motherhouse in Bangladesh.

I visited the site and witnessed the current situation in Bangladesh. When I was wondering if I could do something with my own strength, it led to my encounter with a local leather factory and enthusiastically conveyed my desire to work with Japan. For some time, I wanted to make use of my current skills to propose products that customers can enjoy, so I decided to start planning original products.

However, after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, my parents were sent off one after another, and even in the situation where it was not possible to realize it, many people helped me and I am waiting for the restart of the factory in Bangladesh, the new factory in Vietnam, Sendai. Guided by the encounters with people who are looking for a sewing job in Vietnam, the original brand [Secrecy] was launched in July 2015.

The name Secrecy says that we would like to propose products that "mysteriously become fun" by having "mysterious" Secrecy products that were guided by various things and were able to reach the present. I named it from my thoughts.

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